Autoimmune Secrets -Free Documentary Series

Autoimmune disease affects millions of people worldwide, and since many of these people don’t even know that they have the condition, it may be worth while putting some time aside to learn more about it.

For a limited time, you can watch this free 7-part documentary series by Jonathan Otto Journalist and film maker.

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The series features 50 doctors, scientists, researchers and survivors of thyroid disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lyme disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia plus many more.

Discover the protocols for treating and preventing these crippling and painful diseases.

Autoimmune disease is something close to my own heart since I have suffered personally for most of my life, having both Psoriasis as well as Hashimotos (Hypothyroid).

As I learn more about this crippling disease, and its many forms, I use this blog to teach others about the disease and how to treat it.

I am not a health care professional and do not offer medical advice. I share what I learn from the experts and if you need help, I recommend that you seek advice from a functional medicine physician.

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Autoimmune Secrets:

This Free 7-Part Documentary series begins on Wednesday 21st February 2018.

For 7 consecutive days, a video is released. Each video is available to watch, for free, for 24 hours only.

Please REGISTER NOW and take full advantage of this invaluable information on Autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune Secrets – Discover The Truth – Register Here Now

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Kmy-profile-pictureatherine Minett, a Blogger with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, who is on a mission to educate and guide others on the importance that good nutrition has, in preventing and managing autoimmune diseases. Specifically, how to manage the symptoms of weight gain and fatigue that are commonly associated with these conditions.
Disclaimer: “Essential Nutrition Tips Blog” does not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have medical concerns please consult your doctor. See Full Disclaimer.
Affiliate Disclaimer: This blog post and other blog posts on Essential Nutrition Tips Blog, may contain affiliate links to third party web sites. I may receive a small commission from sales on some products. However, the price to you remains the same. These affiliate links are a way of offsetting the costs of running my blog, Essential Nutrition Tips Blog.




2 thoughts on “Autoimmune Secrets -Free Documentary Series

  1. I watched the first one last night, but I have not received the link to watch tonight.. I am already registered , How do I get the link.


    1. Hi Shirley, you would have to contact them directly. However, try going to the first one again, as I’ve found with theses documentary series, that it will automatically go to the next video. Check your junk mail box , it may have gone there. They often do reruns of these documentaries. I know it’s very frustrating when the episode is up for such a short time. I suppose that’s so you’re encouraged to purchase them. Katherine


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