6 Ways to Improve Your Cholesterol and Heart Health

Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol?

There seems to be an epidemic!

I have family, friends and neighbours all being told their cholesterol is high and now they must take drugs to fix their problem.

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High Cholesterol is bad, leads to high blood pressure and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.

But, before you start popping pills, check out this article, written by a doctor.

The article explains in simple terms:

  • what cholesterol is
  • what the test numbers mean
  • how you can reduce your cholesterol naturally with proven health foods.

Now I’m not saying don’t do what your doctor tells you. I am however, asking you to educate yourself first.

Learn the facts, implement some healthy foods into your diet and maybe you can avoid, reduce the dose or eliminate the ongoing need for the drugs.

6 Ways to Improve Your Cholesterol and Heart Health — Musings of PuppyDoc

Cholesterol. It’s something that you’ve probably have had checked at least once in your life as part of routine blood work. You may also have heard about your “LDL and HDL” and how it’s important to have healthy levels. But do you know why? In this post I will go over the essential to-know facts about cholesterol, why it’s important, and ways you can improve it safely and naturally…

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Here’s the article, enjoy

via 6 Ways to Improve Your Cholesterol and Heart Health — Musings of PuppyDoc

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You Are What You Eat, Choose Wisely.

Katherine Minett, a Blogger with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, is on a mission to educate and guide others on the importance that good nutrition has, in preventing and managing autoimmune diseases. Specifically, how to manage the symptoms of weight gain and fatigue that are commonly associated with these conditions.
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