Exercise vs Diet? and the winner is…

And the winner is…

This week I read an interesting article…and watched the video, which was all about Exercise vs Diet. Turns out that exercise is not the be all and end all when it comes to weight loss!

Exercise is a great tool to help you stay fit and healthy, but its not necessarily a weight loss tool.

It’s all about how the body uses energy and burn calories.

Apparently, 10-30 % of energy expenditure  is from physical activity. The rest is from your resting metabolism, just keeping the body functioning and the energy used to break down the food you eat….and we don’t have much control over that.

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One of the problems is our behaviour after we exercise, and I’m guilty of this…because we’ve, “worked out,” we feel hungry and maybe think we deserve, and can afford to eat a bit more, or even have a special treat, like a latte or some ice cream!

So exercise can make you eat more!

Also , if you’re like me, I get tired after exercise, so I’m less likely to take the stairs when I’m at work.

There’s lots of studies in this area,  and more that need to be done. In particular there is a study from 2012, that show no difference  between calorie energy burning of Tanzanier people , who are very slim hunter and gatherers in Africa and very active compared to sedentary Americans who sit behind a desk all day.

So how do they stay slim compared to their Americans?

They don’t eat as much.

I’m hearing the benefits of portion control as I lean this!

I bet they eat healthier too, but that’s just me guessing 🙂

If you want to lose weight, then focus more on your diet. Eating healthy nutritious whole foods makes sense to me. I will keep exercising, because I know that it is good for my heart and muscle tone, but there’s no point going to the gym for a few hours and then going home to eat donuts and French fries.

If you want to see the video you can find the full story here…

The recommendations for exercise is for 30 mins of exercise a day. Choose something that you enjoy and can stick to and make sure that you’re eating good nutritious food and not too much of it.

Engage a Health Coach and consult with your Doctor or Health Care Professional if you need guidance.

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