Spiced Lamb & Vegetable Shepherds Pie

What, no potato !

My husband usually cooks the evening meal, but last night he was out, so it was my turn to cook. Since I’ve been reading Dr Mark Hymans book ‘Eat Fat Get Thin’, which has lots of recipes in the back, I thought I would give it a go.

I liked the fact that it uses Cauliflower as an alternative to Potatoes, which I’m avoiding at the moment.

The first thing I did was prepare the ingredients, lots of interesting spices that I haven’t used before.

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Ingredients :

1kg (approx 2 pounds) Cauliflower Florets

1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Medium Onion Chopped

4 Sticks Celery Chopped

1 Large Red Bell Pepper (Capsican) Chopped

3 Cloves Garlic Finely Chopped

500g (Approx 1 pound) Minced Lamb (15 % Fat)

2 Tsp Paprika

1 Tsp Cumin

1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon

Dash Cayenne Pepper

Optional 1/4 tsp Saffron Threads

1/2 Tsp plus a pinch Sea Salt

1/4 Tsp plus pinch Ground Black Pepper

Pinch Granulated Garlic

2 Small Zucchini ends trimmed, diced

1 can Diced Tomatoes 400g (15oz) Do Not drain

3 Tbs Chopped Fresh Cilantro Leaves (Coriander)

I preheated the oven to 350 F (175 C)

After washing and cutting up the Cauliflower into small florets, I put them into a steamer, which was on top of a large pan of boiling water, and steamed on medium heat for about 15 minutes. Once they were tender and  I could pierce the Cauliflower with the tip of a knife I knew they were ready.

While the Cauliflower steamed, I put 2 tablespoons of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a heavy pot and heated it on medium heat. Then I added the Onion, Celery, and Bell Pepper. I cooked them for about 4 min stirring occasional until they were soft.

I then added the chopped Garlic and cooked for another minute. Then I added the minced lamb and mixed it in through the veggies while smashing up the chunks of lamb with the spoon. It took about 5 minutes to brown the lamb.

The spices smelled wonderful and that was before I added them to the pot! Once the lamb was browned I sprinkled n the Paprika, Cumin. Coriander, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper ad I even had some Saffron, which is optional.If using Saffron, crush the threads between your fingers before adding to the pot.

Mix together and let the spices do their magic for about 3 minutes.


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While the lamb and spices were cooking, I continued with the Cauliflower preparation. I drained any liquid and placed the now tender Cauliflower Florets into my food processor.

I added 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/2 tsp Salt, 1/4 tsp Ground Black Pepper and the Granulated Garlic. Then I mixed it using the steel blade until it was  a smooth puree.


Continuing with the lamb and veggies, I added the chopped zucchini, the tin tomatoes and its juice, some Salt and Pepper to taste, stirred it all together and cooked it for another 5 minutes.

It was smelling really good by now, and a quick taste test showed it was just perfect.

I spooned the lamb and veggies into a dish and spooned and even layer of the Cauliflower Puree on top.

I baked it for 20 minutes uncovered. It was slightly browned on top.

You could serve this dish on its own or with a side of steamed veggie. I decided that since there were heaps of veggies in it already, that I would serve with a side of baked spiced sweet potato and Yogurt and Mint dressing. This would also ensure that my husband and teenage son would be happy. It was Saturday night after all!

It taste wonderful. You can see how I made the baked spiced sweet potato and Yogurt and Mint dressing in my next Blog.

It was just as delicious the next day for lunch and will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. It wont last that long , it will be eaten up well before then 🙂

You could also make this dish a couple days prior to baking. Cover and store in the fridge and bring back to room temperature before baking as instructed earlier.

Thank you Dr Mark Hyman for helping me serve a delicious healthy dinner for my family!

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To Your Success,


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