Acai Berry Delicious Breakfast Bowl- For an Immune Boost and Weight Loss

Here is a secret, found in the rain forest.

The Acai berry is found in the Amazon. It is one of the most healthiest berries that you can eat and it can improve your health in many ways.

For those of you with immune conditions, you can boost your immune system with a delicious breakfast bowl made with Acai berries. This black-purple coloured berry is high in antioxidants and very high in Vitamin C.

Other health benefits of the Acai Breakfast Bowl include, heart health, helps digestion, good for the skin, the brain and cellular benefits. Eat this as part of a healthy diet and it can also assist with weight loss.

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The Acai Breakfast bowl has become popular in recent times and its easy to see why.

Apart from the Acai Berry it is made of other berries and can be decorated with an array of healthy nutrient filled toppings such as Chia seed, Flax seed, other fruits such as Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana, Peaches and Goji Berries. You can even add some chopped nuts such as Walnuts, Hazelnuts and Almonds and sprinkle Granola on top. In fact, you can get creative and add what ever you like to eat…as long as its healthy!

This was my first attemp at making and eating an Acai Breakfast Bowl and it was delicious. I could even eat it as a desert. I found it tasty, filling and easy to make. Just half the ingredients for 1 serve.

Ingredients: Serves 2

4 tbs Acai Powder

1 Cup Amond Milk (or Coconut Milk)

2 Cups Frozen Mixed Berries

1/2 Cup Spinich Leaves

1 tsp Honey

Toppings: Tailor to your own preference, I used the following:

Handfull Blackberries

1 Peach

1Tbs Black Chia Seeds

Handfull Chopped Walnuts


Measure out all the ingredients and add to a blenda. Blend until mixed.

Poor into a bowl or 2 and decorate with your chosen toppings. Then share on my Blog!

I would love to see your creative ideas and suggestions.

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